About Me

Rather than stumbling upon photography, I feel like the craft itself came and found me. Prior to this feeling, for as long as I could remember, I wanted to be a writer. It was the drive that led me to pursue a degree in creative writing for my first semester of college. Though I loved writing, it wasn’t enough to keep me happy. And when I wasn’t happy, I would get my camera out and shoot. I never once thought about becoming a photographer until it became the thing that stirred my creativity. Photography embraced me when I needed it most, and it became my entire world.

Fast-forward 11 years, I am constantly searching for new ways to capture life, both scripted and candid. I love working with people, and the majority of my projects are collaborative. I bring a well-thought out approach to every shoot and more often than not, my plan of action is fully realized before I arrive on set. I have been very fortunate to work locally and abroad, and immerse myself in different cultures and points-of-view; always searching for new challenges and opportunities. For me photography is a labor of love, and it is what I was always meant to do.



I'm a 28 year old editorial and commercial portrait artist from Metro Detroit.


I photograph commercial, editorial, and fine art work. This includes engagements, maternity, families, infants/children, professional head shots, boudoir, fashion, and products.

Work with Me

Shoot me a message on Instagram or feel free to email me at erinleighmc@gmail.com.

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